Our Story

Blissfully Sweet Boutique began when this stay at home mom was tired of being forced to pay a fortune just for her little girls to be able to have great quality clothing that was also adorable. Over the past few years, we have grown and expanded out to offer some different products and amazing brands (which we are currently working on) so that everyone can shop with us and find exactly what they are looking for!

We may have started with children's clothing but we haven't stopped there! We now offer all kinds of personalized gifts from car coasters to tumblers to home decor. Through this journey this mama has learned that she LOVES to craft and create things so we aren't stopping now!

Here’s some back story to the name and how we became “Blissfully Sweet Boutique.”

The name is three words for our three girls. "Blissful" and "sweet" because what better words describe our little ones, so carefree and precious --besides when they are so messy and wild!

We have to say the halo is our favorite part, which was placed for our baby girl that passed shortly after birth. We wanted to make sure all of our children are able to embark on this journey with us one way or another.

We thank God for each and every one of you and are just so excited that we've been given this opportunity!  Thank you so much for supporting our small business!